Welcome to my site for Business Analysts and Office Workers (or those who would like to be one)

  • Seeing people improve makes me feel good and so I am here to pass on what I have learned about business analysis and office life…
  • Do you want to be a Business Analyst, work in an office or would like to improve your work life skills? I have lots of stories to tell you about what to do (and plenty of tips of what not to do) from over twenty years working as a Business Analyst and Team Leader in Australian Government departments, as well as large corporations such as Motorola.

    More and more I find myself helping people to navigate the sometimes confusing office work world. Seeing people improve makes me feel good and this blog is my way of passing on the wide range of experience I have gained, so that others don’t have to repeat the mistakes that I made.

    Please feel free to send questions or suggestions for topics that you would like more information about to me at balabinfo88@gmail.com

    Together we will go on this journey, and hopefully I will see you develop and grow into that the most fantastic, employable worker that you can be!

    Have a great day.